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 Recruitment: Quality Engineer
 Age requirements: 25 years old to 35 years old
 Number of recruits: 1
 Recruitment department: technical department
 Education requirements: specialist or more
 Work experience: more than three years
 Professional requirements: mechanical related
 Published: 2017-5-21

Job description:

Responsible for the quality control of the production site by means of the statistical method of quality control, and carry out dynamic quality improvement activities, and constantly improve the detection means And quality management methods, strict product quality. And the supplier to implement quality support and counseling.

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, engineering or mechanical manufacturing professional, with internal auditor qualification certificate;
2. More than five years of quality management experience, more than three years of quality engineers work experience;
3. Good communication and coordination and organizational skills, familiar with ISO9001quality management system knowledge;
4. Work rigorous, diligent, serious and responsible, have a strong sense of responsibility;
5. Proficient in office software;
6. Intermediate quality engineer qualification priority.

HR: Miss Yan
Tel: 021-51866147