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Company Profile

LING RONG is an integrated solution provider in China to bring new energy storage technology to different industries.

LING RONG’s leading Ultracapacitor Technology is capable of storing and discharging energy quickly and effectively. By LING RONG’s great improvement on the energy density, the benefit of Ultracapacitor is considered in diverse range of future applications.

The future horizon looks brilliant for ultracapacitors, which already rank as a powerful alternative energy resource.

LING RONG is exploring the Ultracapacitor to more and more consumer products (e.g. Wireless Power Tools, Electric Bicycles, Automobile Jump Starter, Automobile etc.) which requires quick charging and powerful output and long life time.

LING RONG is located in Shanghai, China. An experienced engineering team with Chemistry and Physics Scientist has been working hard on the Research and Development to make sure LING RONG keep competitive on its product performance and reliability. The workshop area is 30,000 Square Feet and all the equipment are imported from Japan.

LING RONG look forward to an opportunity to help grow your business with our innovative solution!